Death of Print Media

It is 2012 and for some reason people still insist on killing trees.  How is it possible for a media centric society that believes that everything should be at their fingertips continue to use paper?

Print items that are slowly fading away:

  • Encyclopedias
  • Traditional Office Forms
  • Applications
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines

As a society, we need to accept that paper has lost the prominence it once had; besides there are so many issues surrounding paper:

  • Loss of integrity (getting ripped, soiled, etc.)
  • Not secure (anyone can sign a document for someone — electronic links can be embedded with users email addresses to ensure credibility)
  • Costly
  • Takes up valuable space

Bottom line:  Paper is going the way of the dodo bird; fact.  Now, let’s move on.