Chromebooks are they worth it?

Google’s Chrome OS; it certainly is a unique thing isn’t it  or is it?

Chrome OS, which is available on different Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are essentially a browser based operating system that enables the user to live in the cloud and function in an integrated manner with all of Google’s services and applications.

Why would I ditch Windows or OS X in favor of a browser based operating system?

Simple, Chrome OS is designed to work exactly how you want it to.  For some of those who simply use the internet to check email and browse social networks there is absolutely no better solution than having a Chrome OS device, especially if you would love to have a physical keyboard — something that tablets lack.  In addition, if you are a power user that is in the market for a second device that can be functional, lightweight and ultra-portable, then this device could be for you as well.  There are numerous Chrome OS devices on the market, highlighting that is the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook that happens to be the number one selling laptop on Amazon:

Samsung_Chromebook_front_webresThis device has a very affordable price-point of $249 and is available at a number of retailers online, Best Buy or Staples.

Chrome OS comes complete with all of the features of Chrome that you love on a functional laptop machine.  You want apps?  Get thousands from the Chrome Web Store.  You want a fast boot time?  Open the lid.

Chromebook informational commerical:

Bottom line: Chrome OS on a Chromebook is a wonder to dive into and fully enjoy.  Remember that there is a Chrome OS device or Chromebook for everyone and all are great functioning devices.  I whole-heartedly recommend this great device, truly a traditional laptop replacement.