Samsung, who do you think you are?

Well, it is done.  Samsung unveiled it’s latest and greatest device yet, the Samsung Galaxy S IV.  However, most of us technology buffs are calling it simply a Galaxy SIII refresh, which is quite accurate when you break it down.  When you place each device face up, side-by-side it is quite difficult for any inexperienced onlooker to determine which device is which.

However, the refresh is not the issue here — it is the fact that Samsung appears to be attempting to create their own brand of apps that seemingly “replace” apps that are from Google.  For example:

  • Samsung Hub
  • sVoice
  • sTranslate

These apps are essentially a spin off of Google Play, Google Now and Google Translate respectively and Samsung continues to develop it’s own apps. However, one must stop and think is Samsung trying to branch off from Google?  It certainly appears that way.  On the other hand, where would Samsung be without Google’s Android that is powering all of their high selling devices?

Bottom line:  Google needs to get Samsung to get their act together, Samsung with TouchWiz is NOT Google Android.  It seems that Samsung may be thinking that it can do “this” without Google.