Nexus 5

Google fans unite!  Rather, pure-Android fans unite.  Whether you love the Nexus brand or not — it is always great to see another monumental device along with the latest version of Andriod be released around this time of the year.  As a Nexus 4 owner, I am excited for the new features of Android 4.4 (KitKat) as well as the new hardware found on the Nexus 5.

Nexus devices show the market what Android is all about, that is without the skins, colorful overlays and played transitions.  This is stock Android at it’s finest.  Typically OEM skins can slow down your device and leave the user with a poor experience, which in turn leads them to blame the OS, not the OEM.  When in fact you can pick up a Nexus device and always have a wonderful experience.

Nowadays, Android is stable, mature and bold and the software isn’t an issue unless it really brings the device down (Samsung’s TouchWiz, which could be vastly improved if it weren’t for the useless features baked in).  The thing that any Nexus device will not have is extra unwanted bloat, be it from the carrier, OEM or vendor — giving the end user an incredible experience directly from Google.


I am ready for the Nexus 5; the next pinnacle of the Android experience.