Fingerprint Scanners

iPhone 5S, HTC One Max and surely many more to come are just a few devices that are implementing this “new” fingerprint scanning technology.  The iPhone, for example, uses the technology to unlock the devices and for purchases among a few reasons.  However, how practical and how broad can this technology be stretched?  Will it get to the point where people are getting snatched to use their thumbs?

I believe that this technology is a good step-forward — as with any advance.  However, I still believe that nothing will surpass the traditional pin or password unlock in terms of security and practicality.


Another thing to note is that with the resent uproar of NSA “spying”, some technologists fear this may be yet another way for the government to collect information on it’s citizens.

[Video courtesy of CNET]

Bottom line: Congratulations, we have new technology within our smartphones; however, I do not believe that this is groundbreaking in terms of security, the password still reigns supreme.