YouTube Comments have changed, now get over it!

There have been countless users of YouTube complaining since last week about the new integration of Google+ within the site.  I suppose that many users do not understand that this only making the site better and certainly adding more of a community aspect.  Yes, people should be held accountable for the things that they post online — just as you are held accountable for the things that you say and do in reality.  The new comment system is not bad it is just an incremental change that happens in tech.  People learn to accept change and move on.  I was one who didn’t like the Microsoft XBox at first, until I gave it a chance.

That is the thing that is missing here, users see the change and instead of giving it an honest try — immediately write it off.  See a video below:

However, for those that understand how YouTube works; they see it’s usefulness (in addition, notifications went out that YouTube was changing how they did comments.)  See an excerpt from TWiT’s This Week in YouTube Ep. 30:

Is it a bad change?  No.  Yet, some have difficult times dealing with change — when in reality it is more streamlined and efficient.

This is something that we all saw coming as +Google is working towards integrating all of their services, which is an excellent thing.  Which is odd because people complain and say they aren’t integrated enough!

Bottom line:  Get over it!  If you hate the new integrated Google+ comments in YouTube — leave the site, that is always an option.  As a creator (TopNotch Male Style Tips) I welcome the change and I hope that my community does as well.