Hands On — Apple iPad Pro 9.7″

What happens when you take an iPad Air 2 and beef it up?  You get the 2016 iPad Prod 9.7″ with a magnificent display, 4 speakers and better camera technology.  First off, the 12.9″ model just doesn’t appeal to me, if the tablet you need is that large, do yourself a favor and purchase a laptop.
Please find a thorough review below from Youtube’s DetroitBORG:

Thin & Light
As with all iPad devices, this one is just like the others, remarkably thin and light yet still feeling substantial in the hands.  As an owner of an Apple iPad Mini 3, this seems to be the nect logical step and it is not too big and feels great in the hands.  This is in direct conflict with the 12.9″ iPad Pro, which is manageable by someone with large hands like myself — but, this is simply better to use on a table with a keyboard.
A question here is that will all Apple tablets soon become “pro” devices? It is becoming more and more true that with the apps available on the App Store, tablets have the potential to turn into productivity tools given the right size and software selection.

Bottom line:  Great feeling device and if you’re up for an upgrade — go for it.  The price tag may make some turn away.