All About Google Wifi

One pack or three pack? Either way, Google has you covered.
Product, Google Wifi.
Product, Google Wifi.
So Google had to try it’s hand in wireless networking again apart from it’s OnHub solution.  This approach makes wireless simple and easy to control from one app that works either on iOS or Android devices.  The wifi pucks can function in a smaller house to a large house,which means the more coverage you need — you simply need to buy more pucks, with each covering approximately ~1500 square feet.
Top features of Google Wifi:
  • “Network Assist, which is intelligent software built into Google Wifi to provide you with the fastest possible speed. Behind the scenes, Network Assist automatically helps you avoid Wi-Fi congestion, and transitions you to the closest Wi-Fi point for the best signal.” (Source:
  • Google WiFi app.  This app will be used for complete control and management of your home network and will allow for the admin to pause a users access and much more.
Bottom line:  Google WiFi seems to be a solid product that solves the problem of over-complicated network setup.  Google makes it easy.