Upset about the new MacBook Pro? Move On.

MacBook Pro fans and professionals alike are raving about the lack of “Pro” inside of the new Apple MacBook Pro.  The complaints range from a lack of ports to use of old CPU architecture and even too little RAM.  Additionally, Apple has worked in conjunction with LG to create new beautiful 5K displays that are sold at a remarkable price.  Let’s all be honest here, Apple would be selling these SAME displays for $300-500 more — you should be happy — but you aren’t because you want an Apple logo on it.
Too bad!!
This is one of the first times that after an Apple event there has been this amount of backlash from the core supporters.  The interesting thing is that there are other machines on the market, without an Apple logo (gasp), that can get good work done, have all the RAM you want and have more input ports that you could ask for.  Apple is transitioning itself and essentially showing the world that it is the iPhone company — all of their latest feats and improvements have been geared toward the mobile space.  Of course, we hope that they haven’t forgotten about the professional segment; however, while releasing new laptops that only feature USB type C input makes many wonder.  Additionally, those who edit photo or video could easily put 16GB of RAM into a chokehold.
Late 2016 MacBook Pro Touchbar.
Move on.  It is time.  Apple makes excellent hardware, but fortunately for us — there are other OEMs out there that cater to your needs.  Other companies like Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, HP and more are creating machines that have great displays, lots of RAM and (you guessed it) more than just USB type C.  If you feel shut out because of the latest release from Apple, vote with your dollars and do not buy the hardware.  Simple.  Don’t be the person who spends $2500 on a spec’d out MacBook Pro and be dissatisfied with many things and have to carry dongle after dongle to get work done.  That isn’t an “it just works mentality”.
Just move on.