USB Type C is a mess

USB Type C may be the “future” as many tech giants may say (cough…Apple) — I say it’s a mess.  Standardization is essentially nonexistent, cables are frying and destroying hardware, on Macbooks some adapters cause WiFi to go out…but this is our “future”?
I don’t think so.
USB Type C, the standard that really isn’t a standard because companies don’t have it figured out yet.  If they did, it would be everywhere and every company would’ve already bought in.  Type C, at the moment, is a forced upgrade and a premature retirement of the old standard — sure it can do so many things with one port; however, there is a trade-off for the CURRENT day — dongles.
What is a dongle you ask?  A dongle is an “in-between” connector that is used to connect one type of port to another.  While these offer a great deal of utility allowing one port to adapt to another, it is also an unsightly mess and becomes a hassle in case you have too many and increases your chances of losing one when you need it most.  I know we are going for simplicity here, but when tech just isn’t there to support it, it just isn’t there — we cannot force all peripherals to suddenly become USB Type C simply because we purchased a device with it on-board.
There are options people — many devices with plenty of ports ready for you to use.  There is not one company that can force you use something that you do not want to or doesn’t meet your needs.  In the end, we need to speak up and if these billion dollar companies put out a product that we don’t like — vote with your dollars, or lack thereof.