Apple Supply Chain Woes

Apple announces a new product and they tell the world that it’ll be available by a certain date.  That day comes and goes with NO product in the consumers hands; yet, even when it does release, it’s in such small and limited qualities that they might as well not released it at all.  This has been a thorn in Apple’s side for sometime.  iPhone 7, AirPods, iPad Pro 12.9″ accessories and I’m sure the list will go on — although we don’t want it to.
What has happened to the supply chain of arguably the most valuable company in the world?  It behooves me that an entity with this much money in the bank cannot produce the quantity of products and accurately predict demand at this point.  Let’s just hope that in the future, Apple will get better with delivering their products on time rather than keeping consumers waiting for unforeseen reasons.  What’s worse is that people wait around like another product cannot do the job or get the product after waiting then incessantly complain about it.