How a “story” sells a product

We’ve all been there, captivated and enthralled in a newly released product ad from our favorite technology company that says “buy me now!!” — we gladly whip our our credit cards and make a purchase.  But what pushes us to do this?  The story that the company tells us as to WHY we need it, HOW it can be useful in our lives and WHO is the target audience is very important and without a story products don’t get sold or if they are successful they do not get the recognition that they are due.
What is this called?  It’s called story-telling marketing, which is a story-focused approach to your marketing and brand building.
Who’s been leading the charge in technology?  None other than Apple, others are trying to get better; however, do I need to point you to the iPhone introduction in 2007?
Can I also point you to AirBnb, who consistently preaches a customer first theology?
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Bottom line: Stories sell products and just by looking at two very successful companies that use these methods — the consumers are hooked.