Why automation makes life easier

Let’s face it, we carry super computers in our pockets.  Alright, not really, but although our smartphone companions are not super computers, they are still pretty darn smart and with that comes device and app automation that can drastically improve and simplify your life.  An app that I personally love is IFTTT (If This Then That), which brings a beautiful interface with jaw-dropping applets (recipes) that you put together according to your needs.
IFTTT for iOS (Android interface is similar).
Need to know when you make it to the gym?  Turn on location services and add a quick note to your calendar whenever this happens.  Want the lights in your home to turn on when you pull into the garage?  There’s a applet for that.  Auto photo upload, auto WordPress posting, auto tweeting — you dream it (additionally you have certain accounts that can be linked together so that they can talk to each other) and IFTTT can make it happen.  Although from my screenshot you may assume that this glorious app is available on iOS only (you know what happens when you assume, right?)  — wrong it’s multi-platform available on iOS and Android — with a web interface!

Additionally, IFTTT isn’t the only player in this game, Microsoft recently introduced Flow, which has a unique spin on task automation itself.  And for those that are looking to get extremely granular on Android, there is one app called Tasker which essentially can do it all.  (Note: I advise only experienced users to play with this app).
Bottom line:  Everything is easier when magic “just happens” in the background for you, give IFTTT and other platforms a try!