Allbirds, Shoes for techies!!

There’s a new cool shoe in town that’s sweeping an area of the country known for tech, meet Allbirds.  Reviewed by BuzzFeed and countless others on the internet — here’s my take of the Allbirds Wool Runner.


They are touted as being the most comfortable shoe and I must admit, they are pretty darn comfortable.  These shoes will be absolutely perfect for offices, with the soft wool cushioning every step while your at home or walking about downtown and more.  Although the runners are made of wool, they are still very breathable and your feet do not feel overly warm in them.

Allbirds Wool Runners.


One word, simple.  The simplicity of this shoe is the center of it’s elegance.  They look great and pair with just about any style of dress from casual to business casual given the right color.


These shoes are known as the eco-friendly wonder of the shoe world (similar to Tom’s), these shoes are built with purpose, for a purpose and I’m all in.  As quoted from the co-CEO and co-founder Tim Brown, they aimed to create “comfortable, functional, simple footwear.”

Go Allbirds!!  Get your own pair here!!

Allbirds packaging.