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The wallet for tech folks

(Obligatory, this is NOT an ad or sponsorship), moving on.

Herschel makes incredible wallets, especially the Men’s Johnny, taking on a classic pouch design with slots for credit cards and ample space for other things.

Herschel Supply Co. Johnny Leather Wallet

As noted above, space for other things. Some of those can include microfiber cloths, which if you’re serious about removing smudges and fingerprints from your devices you’re bound to need. Not only does the leather Johnny wallet feature the usual inside compartments, it also has a pocket on the outside which can hold an additional item, such as a work badge or more.

Overall, this is a trooper of a wallet, being well made, sturdy and spacious are all benefits of owning one and comes in at a strong positive suggestion.

Allbirds, Shoes for techies!!

There’s a new cool shoe in town that’s sweeping an area of the country known for tech, meet Allbirds.  Reviewed by BuzzFeed and countless others on the internet — here’s my take of the Allbirds Wool Runner.


They are touted as being the most comfortable shoe and I must admit, they are pretty darn comfortable.  These shoes will be absolutely perfect for offices, with the soft wool cushioning every step while your at home or walking about downtown and more.  Although the runners are made of wool, they are still very breathable and your feet do not feel overly warm in them.

Allbirds Wool Runners.


One word, simple.  The simplicity of this shoe is the center of it’s elegance.  They look great and pair with just about any style of dress from casual to business casual given the right color.


These shoes are known as the eco-friendly wonder of the shoe world (similar to Tom’s), these shoes are built with purpose, for a purpose and I’m all in.  As quoted from the co-CEO and co-founder Tim Brown, they aimed to create “comfortable, functional, simple footwear.”

Go Allbirds!!  Get your own pair here!!

Allbirds packaging.

Tech Elitism has to Stop! (Rise of Technocentrism)

Answer some questions for me.
Does using an Android device, tricking it out, overclocking it and having the latest custom ROM on it make you better than an iPhone user that simply likes to check email?  No.  Does having the latest iPhone, Mac and iPad, having tight integration and pretty products make you better than the Android user who just wants an affordable device?  No.  Does driving a Chevy make you better than all Ford drivers?  Does owning a PS4 grant you any special privileges over those who own XBox One consoles?
All answers to these questions are a resounding NO and I’m getting sick and tired of it.  This gives rise to a new term about those who think their tech is better than everyone else’s — “technocentrism“, you heard it here first.
I’ve listened to some of the most bigoted and contrite debates in the tech world regarding Android and iOS and in the past, I’ve been part of them.  But let’s face it, each mobile operating system and hardware manufacturer has their pluses and minuses.  Let’s take Android and break it down.  There are thousands of phones, no clear direction, laggy interfaces and buggy software implementations.  On the other hand, there are solid reference devices made by Google, which perform questionably better than most other offerings, valuable choices from OEMs and customizations that make owning a device worthwhile.  Let’s look at Apple and iOS.  There are only 3 choices, no customizations and software and interfances that you cannot control.  On the other hand, there is a fantastic ecosystem with minimal bugs, great implementation from top to bottom and simply great performing devices that you can count on.
PC versus console, it never gets old.  PCs can be upgraded, while consoles cannot.  Consoles promote gaming together with people in real life due to numbers of connected controllers.

Do all of these things really matter?  Or are we missing the point?
Sure, it’s fun to debate about our gadgets, but that’s where it should end.  Owning one device over the other does NOT make you superior to those that do not.  I could call out names of podcasts and writers who portray this attitude, but I digress.  Needless to say, some of them should really get over themselves.

Have tablets ruined the market?

Everywhere you turn you are being bombarded by iPads, Motorola Xooms, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and more!  Why?  What is the fuss about?  Upon the release of Apple’s iPad there has been a frenzy in the technological world for every mobile hardware manufacturer to make a tablet with a mobile OS installed.  This has spurned comments such as, “My tablet can do everything a PC can”, “Why do you need a desktop PC when you can buy an iPad”, and so on.

A tablet will never replace a PC.

Saying that your underpowered tablet can compete with a powerful desktop operating system is complete ludicrous.  Take a look at the markets, you have consumer and business, although the consumers make up most of the market; they do NOT possess most of the money.  Any large PC manufacturer would be unwise to try to negotiate a sell of tablets instead of PCs.  There are several reasons why:

  • You have to give your customers what they want; usually a large company does not like a change as radical and new as this
  • No media drives
  • Lack of power
  • Lack of software support

Those are just a few reasons.  For example, do you know of any reputable law firm that will use iPads instead of desktops to maintain client information and run advanced queries with their data?  Do you know any serious production companies that will drop their trusty Mac Pros or PCs running Premiere Pro or Final Cut to use a pitiful app on a mobile OS?  Do you know any hardcore C++ and .NET programmers that would dare stray away from their beloved machines?

Bottom line:  If you could ever say NO to any of the above questions, then realize that a tablet will never replace a PC.  The only machines that a tablet could replace is a netbook or a low powered laptop in some cases.  Tablets are not meant to replace the desktop OS; however, if used properly they could be a great asset to use alongside one.