Dear FCC

Dear FCC,

On December 14, 2017, you did one of the most thoughtless, insincere, undermining things to an internet that not only you don’t understand — but also an internet that YOU do not own. A little 3-2 vote to repeal the regulations for Net Neutrality — a shame and embarrassing when 5 individuals get to decide on the fate of the internet as we know it. You know that it is bad when the man responsible for the internet itself, Tim Berners Lee, speaks out against you. It’s even more shameful when your clown of a chairman, Ajit Pai, was once Associate General Counsel at Verizon…..who is just one of the entities that would benefit greatly from a rollback of net neutrality protections.

Why is it that we can give ISPs and major corporations so much leeway but not protect the consumers, WHO MAKE THEM RICH? Why is that so Mr. Pai? But it’s obvious your ignorance goes farther than we think on these issues. How is data transmitted over the internet you ask? In packets. A movie file you stream may be billions of packets while that email from grandma may only be one hundred; however, at the end of the day — a packet of data is a packet of data.

It does not matter who sends that packet, who is retrieving that packet or WHY that packet is being sent…the internet is designed to not discriminate and the push those packets along. Yet, when business gets in the way and certain entities business thoughts don’t align, it becomes ok to change that? No. It doesn’t.

To the three individuals voting to strip away the net neutrality guidelines, I hope your internet is severely throttled — better yet, you don’t even deserve internet since you’ve undermined the entire infrastructure of the internet itself.  The internet is too good for you.

Final Thoughts

Our internet service providers supply the internet, THAT is it — the problem comes when they think they should encompass your entire experience and insert themselves everywhere.  But you’re already paying for internet, so what else could they possibly want from us?  Nothing.  As it was noted on the Vergecast, AOL had us all fooled by making us think that all of the internet was in that AOL window; however, you could minimize that and open Netscape or Mozilla!!  AOL didn’t own it, they simply put a fancy skin on top of it.  Now, Comcast and others want to create their own internet “experiences” while killing it at the same time.

DO NOT let lawmakers dismantle the internet.  Visit BattleForTheNet and overload them with calls and voicemail citing your disapproval.

Want for find out more about net neutrality?  Read a fantastic post from Save the Internet, here to get the scoop on how our internet is supposed to be.