Google Duo & Allo — Failures Waiting to Happen

Google’s newest messaging and video chat platforms, Allo and Duo respectively are poised to potentially fail — hard. Google has Hangouts already, which is almost a complete product;yet, they’ve invested time, development dollars and more on two new separate apps … Continue reading Google Duo & Allo — Failures Waiting to Happen

YouTube Music, the app no one needs

Google Play Music, Google Play Music All-Access, YouTube Music Key, then YouTube Music Key becomes YouTube Music and we also now have YouTube Red. My what a tangled web you weave dearest Google. “Hello, Confusion.  How are you?  We are the internet!” In my case, I have it easy, I pay for Google Play Music All-Access, so I get all of these extraneous YouTube bits; however, what about the potential customers that did not start out by having a subscription to Google Play Music?  One can certainly see how there is room for confusion, especially with the duplicity between the … Continue reading YouTube Music, the app no one needs

Android Custom ROMs

Android, probably the most powerful mobile operating system on the planet, is great for numerous reasons: Customizations to make the device yours Great multitasking Fully integrated with Google services Many different OEM custom skins to suit everyone However, there comes a time that users want to do a little more and have full control of their device.  So, what is done — we root.  Why do people root their Android devices?  Here are just some of the reasons: Backing up apps and data Tethering Ad Blocking Removing carrier bloatware Wireless and network tricks 😉 Also, with a rooted device means that your … Continue reading Android Custom ROMs

iPhone 5, First Impressions and Hands-On

Apple you’ve done it again.  You have created a device which in turn, has been already been garnered as being a major success.  Congratulations is surely in order for a mobile device selling 2 million units in a timespan of 24 hours; however, is this device worth your money if you already have an Apple iPhone 4, 4S, or even an Android device? This is certainly where things get tricky, the iPhone 5 does feature a larger rich display however, does this larger display feel awkward in the users hand?  This update also features panoramic photo capture, more powerful battery … Continue reading iPhone 5, First Impressions and Hands-On

MS Office or Free Alternative

The age old question for modern computers, should I buy Microsoft Office or opt for a free alternative?  Coming from a long time open-source and free office suite advocate, both options have their alternatives.  For example, for pure compatibility there is no other choice than a Microsoft Office installation.  However, realistically there are not a lot of people that have $100 or more laying around waiting to be used on this suite of programs; so, what are some popular alternatives? OpenOffice (can be used on any of the big three desktop OSes – Windows, OS X, or Linux) LibreOffice (can … Continue reading MS Office or Free Alternative