Google Duo & Allo — Failures Waiting to Happen

Google’s newest messaging and video chat platforms, Allo and Duo respectively are poised to potentially fail — hard. Google has Hangouts already, which is almost a complete product;yet, they’ve invested time, development dollars and more on two new separate apps … Continue reading Google Duo & Allo — Failures Waiting to Happen

YouTube Music, the app no one needs

Google Play Music, Google Play Music All-Access, YouTube Music Key, then YouTube Music Key becomes YouTube Music and we also now have YouTube Red. My what a tangled web you weave dearest Google. “Hello, Confusion.  How are you?  We are the internet!” In my case, I have it easy, I pay for Google Play Music All-Access, so I get all of these extraneous YouTube bits; however, what about the potential customers that did not start out by having a subscription to Google Play Music?  One can certainly see how there is room for confusion, especially with the duplicity between the … Continue reading YouTube Music, the app no one needs

Android Custom ROMs

Android, probably the most powerful mobile operating system on the planet, is great for numerous reasons: Customizations to make the device yours Great multitasking Fully integrated with Google services Many different OEM custom skins to suit everyone However, there comes a time that users want to do a little more and have full control of their device.  So, what is done — we root.  Why do people root their Android devices?  Here are just some of the reasons: Backing up apps and data Tethering Ad Blocking Removing carrier bloatware Wireless and network tricks 😉 Also, with a rooted device means that your … Continue reading Android Custom ROMs

iPhone 5, First Impressions and Hands-On

Apple you’ve done it again.  You have created a device which in turn, has been already been garnered as being a major success.  Congratulations is surely in order for a mobile device selling 2 million units in a timespan of 24 hours; however, is this device worth your money if you already have an Apple iPhone 4, 4S, or even an Android device? This is certainly where things get tricky, the iPhone 5 does feature a larger rich display however, does this larger display feel awkward in the users hand?  This update also features panoramic photo capture, more powerful battery … Continue reading iPhone 5, First Impressions and Hands-On

MS Office or Free Alternative

The age old question for modern computers, should I buy Microsoft Office or opt for a free alternative?  Coming from a long time open-source and free office suite advocate, both options have their alternatives.  For example, for pure compatibility there is no other choice than a Microsoft Office installation.  However, realistically there are not a lot of people that have $100 or more laying around waiting to be used on this suite of programs; so, what are some popular alternatives? OpenOffice (can be used on any of the big three desktop OSes – Windows, OS X, or Linux) LibreOffice (can … Continue reading MS Office or Free Alternative

HootSuite: Social Media Management for Android

HootSuite for Android is an unbelievable Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare account management tool. This particular client has a seamless UI that is very natural and easy on the eyes of the user. When compared to other “do it all” clients such as Seesmic or Tweetdeck, just to name a few; HootSuite definitely has them beat. Why? Unlike Seesmic, HootSuite has to advertisement window that is consistently in the view of the user.  In addition, loading of tweets and Facebook status updates can lag.  On the other hand, when it comes to TweetDeck, an app that should be removed from … Continue reading HootSuite: Social Media Management for Android

Google Chrome: Lightweight but a RAM hog?

Google Chrome, to the non-technological observer, this may seem like a very lightweight application by it’s looks and performance.  However, once you get in deep and dive under the hood you will be horrified.  Let me start off by saying Chrome is robust in it’s own right; however, with the way that it hogs memory it will not receive my seal of approval just yet. When it comes down to mobile devices, Chrome is the way to go.  The browser is fast, memory unobtrusive, sleek, and all-around beautifully designed.  On the other hand, on the desktop, this beast is a … Continue reading Google Chrome: Lightweight but a RAM hog?