The Android Update Conundrum 2016

        More and more we are witnessing opinion pieces regarding the state of Android and the fact that updates (or lack thereof) puts Google’s mobile operating system in a bad place.  Here are the facts, if you do not have a Nexus branded device (a Nexus device is a consumer focused smartphone or tablet that Google partners with a OEM to create) you may not ever receive an update.  Samsung was notoriously bad for withholding OS level updates, which increase security and performance, from it’s devices — it has gotten better and in most cases many of … Continue reading The Android Update Conundrum 2016

IPad Pro 9.7″ — Best Sounding Tablet??

The iPad Pro is an intriguing device, isn’t it?  The same form factor as an iPad Air 2; however, it is noticeably better in every aspect from display, sound quality, speed, specifications and more — this is truly a remarkable upgrade in the line and we can say that the extra $100 is well spent here for the entry level 32 GB model. There are many reviews out there on the iPad Pro 9.7″ and you can seek those out for yourself or refer to some excellent videos that are embedded in this article; however, this particular review is all … Continue reading IPad Pro 9.7″ — Best Sounding Tablet??

Welcome back HP!

The news is in!  HP is retracting their move away from the PC market, which is excellent news for them.  The PC market is in no way near death; an iPad will NEVER be a desktop.  With that being said, the market can still be profitable as long as machines are affordable and able to help facilitate the consumers needs.  HP has been one of the leaders in this industry for years and for them to stop something that they are proven to be good at would not be a smart business move. Bottom line:  It’s good to see HP … Continue reading Welcome back HP!