IPad Pro 9.7″ — Best Sounding Tablet??

The iPad Pro is an intriguing device, isn’t it?  The same form factor as an iPad Air 2; however, it is noticeably better in every aspect from display, sound quality, speed, specifications and more — this is truly a remarkable upgrade in the line and we can say that the extra $100 is well spent here for the entry level 32 GB model.

There are many reviews out there on the iPad Pro 9.7″ and you can seek those out for yourself or refer to some excellent videos that are embedded in this article; however, this particular review is all about those four speakers, which sound nothing short of heaven on earth.

Have you ever wanted to be engulfed in sound and surprised at the same time?  Turn on your favorite YouTube channel and put the iPad Pro at around 70% volume and you’ll be blown away.  The sound out of this machine is full and easily encompasses a room.  In addition, if you’re really trying to have a good time then put on a Google Play Music playlist of your choice and jam out — either way, you just cannot go wrong when it comes to taking in audio from this device.
Bottom line:  The iPad Pro is arguably the best sounding tablet that I have ever experienced and an easy winner in this category.