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Smoked by Windows Phone; Smoked by Galaxy Nexus

Microsoft has been hosting the Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge where the company is challenging that WP7 is faster than competing smartphones at everyday tasks.  The challenge is hosted at participating Microsoft stores and winners can get a variety of prizes.  In many cases that are posted by Microsoft the WP7 platform comes out victorious; of course.  However, one brave opponent garnering a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0 won.  How so?  The task was to show weather from two different cities at the same time at the fastest rate.  See example video below:

However, in this case for the weather showcase the Windows Phone was already setup to have two live tiles pulling weather information so by default it would’ve won; however, our friend with the Galaxy Nexus was prepared.  The Android competitor had the screen lock disabled and two weather widgets by default which caused him to win and create a small uproar.  The winner was even offered a phone and a laptop.  Read more [HERE].

Bottom line:  I am a fan of WP7, but this just shows that setting things up in your favor do not always constitute a win.

Want Android on your PC? — AirDroid app connects you

Have you ever been in the middle of an enthralling text message conversation when you got the dreaded battery low indication?  Ever needed to transfer files but did not feel like dealing with messy cables?  Sometimes you need to use your phone; but it may be an inopportune time or place.  AirDroid is the answer that you have been looking for!

This app found HERE provides you with a direct connection to your android device via you browser.  From this convenient window you can send and receive text messages, manage photos and contacts, and even transfer files with no wires.  The app works like a charm, the user only needs to follow these simple steps:

  1. Run the application, from there your device will display a web address that will give you access to your device
  2. Enter either the default password or one that you can set
  3. Go to the address on your computer to achieve full access to your device over your network

Bottom line:  This is an excellent app that any committed Android user would love — especially useful for those in office settings that do not need to have their devices glued to their hands at all times.  However, it would be even better if you could send and receive email via the app is well; maybe in a later version.

Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich — Galaxy Nexus; Is it that great?

Android 4.0 is arguably the most mature and polished iteration of the Android operating system that Google has ever released.  Honestly, the usability, stability, and sheer prowess increase with every release.  In addition, the first device to come with Android 4.0 (ICS) is a super-phone packing tons of power.  The Samsung Galaxy Nexus makes the Android experience snappy as you switch through home screens and applications in a breeze.  I was very optimistic about the performance of this new device; however, since it was a dual-core phone with a higher amount of RAM if you are coming from a Moto Droid X or similar you will see a huge difference.

True selling points of ICS:

  • True task switching
  • Snappy and lightweight
  • Stock launcher is beautiful

Normally, with Android phones you are given a lot you can play with such as the launcher, browsers, SMS applications and more.  ICS on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is perfectly capable of handling anything that you throw at it.  As previously mentioned, the maturity of this operating system shines through greatly with updated SMS, browser, and contacts applications.

Bottom line:  Although Android is all about customizations and tweaking the phone to your desires; the Galaxy Nexus with ICS just works.  Now that Google has shown what it can do, we can only expect Android to get better and consume even more of the market.