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Sony against Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The marvel of the Android world as of right now is Android 4.0; users and critics alike love it because of it’s elegant design, fluidity, and speed.  On the other hand, there is one company that does not seem to be convinced.


On the Sony developer blog [HERE] there is a list of reasons outlined explaining why users would not want to upgrade to the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system.  Sony even tried to point the finger and the browser stating that it is “quite intensive”.  Read entire story [HERE].  Is it the fault of Google that Ice Cream Sandwich is not performing well or is it the fault of manufacturers such as Sony that consistently adds widgets, themes, apps, and more to the experience that eventually cause more harm than good?

Bottom line:  It is remarkable how manufacturers try to “fix” and “mold” Android for their newly released devices but never put forth that same effort when an update is released to make sure that it works just the same.  This really makes one wonder….is it really Google’s fault that Android fragmentation exists?

Smoked by Windows Phone; Smoked by Galaxy Nexus

Microsoft has been hosting the Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge where the company is challenging that WP7 is faster than competing smartphones at everyday tasks.  The challenge is hosted at participating Microsoft stores and winners can get a variety of prizes.  In many cases that are posted by Microsoft the WP7 platform comes out victorious; of course.  However, one brave opponent garnering a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0 won.  How so?  The task was to show weather from two different cities at the same time at the fastest rate.  See example video below:

However, in this case for the weather showcase the Windows Phone was already setup to have two live tiles pulling weather information so by default it would’ve won; however, our friend with the Galaxy Nexus was prepared.  The Android competitor had the screen lock disabled and two weather widgets by default which caused him to win and create a small uproar.  The winner was even offered a phone and a laptop.  Read more [HERE].

Bottom line:  I am a fan of WP7, but this just shows that setting things up in your favor do not always constitute a win.