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iPhone 8 Plus Hands On

Short story here, it’s an iPhone people. It’s an iPhone. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


The design of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is largely unchanged from it’s predecessor, maintaining a familiar body, weight and style even allowing for previous generation cases to fit perfectly on the new devices. Immediately upon picking up the device you notice the glass back, allowing for inductive (not wireless) charging, giving the phone a slightly grippier feel compared to that of iPhones 7 and 7 Plus as well as further hiding antenna lines commonly found on mobile devices.

The glass back truly brings in “peak” iPhone design.


First off, don’t let anyone tell you that the newest devices from Apple aren’t worth your attention, sure they look similar, but internally there are changes throughout. From finally adding QI “Wireless” charging, the new A11 Bionic SoC and new camera specs — we’ve got a true update on our hands.

Should I Buy It?

Question of the day. If you’re coming from iPhone 6 or 6S (either model), there is NO question here — open the Apple Store app or go to your closest store and buy one of these phones. If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you may want to reconsider. Could you upgrade? Yes, and I surely won’t stop you from handing Apple your money, however with the 7 still being extremely capable — just use your best judgement.


It’s a good device. Apple delivers year over year some of the most refined and consistent devices, iPhones 8 and 8 Plus are no different.

Your Guide to Instagram Carousel

In the latest update to Instagram, users are now finally able to upload multiple photos and or videos (up to ten) into one post, this is called carousel.  Let’s look at the good.  Not only can this help streamline your timeline of annoying friends, who like to flood your timeline and bombard you with post after post, it also gives you a solid view that will consolidate those multi posts.  However, this adds yet another gesture into Instagram’s once simple mobile application.

Screenshot of the new carousel feature in Instagram.

When clicking the plus sign now, you simply click the “Select Multiple” option and grab all of the media you want. Simple, concise and easy.  How can you add this into your Instagram workflow?  Here’s a few scenarios that pass: going on a trip and you’ve captured the best photos of “insert museum here”, you’ve went to a sporting event the list goes on.  Here is how the carousel should NOT be used: “I’ve taken 4 shots of this thing and I don’t know which one is best….. “
No, please don’t.  This will make your followers hate you probably more than they already do.
TLDR: Instagram’s new carousel is a value add than can easily be killed by those who trash it and exemplified by those that use it in a more artistic manner.

Google Duo & Allo — Failures Waiting to Happen

Google’s newest messaging and video chat platforms, Allo and Duo respectively are poised to potentially fail — hard.
Google has Hangouts already, which is almost a complete product;yet, they’ve invested time, development dollars and more on two new separate apps (that are end-to-end encrypted, by the the way).  The company is also touting the fact that these apps are “specialized” with the fact that they do one thing.  Certainly an interesting notion.
The real issue here is that Google is confusing consumers, they don’t know if they should use Messaging, Hangouts or the new combination of Allo and Duo.  Furthermore, we certainly do not know what OEMs will include on the devices that they ship once these apps are live.  Will they include the apps made my Google or will they make their own terrible emulations of them (cue Samsung)?  THAT is the issue.  We need clear direction of where Google and Android want to take messaging as it has been a mess for years with many consumers simply sticking to whatever app is thrown on their device.
With the rollout officially underway, download these from the Play Store or App Store when they are available and give them a try.
Bottom line:  Google, make your intentions clear!

Pokemon Go Update Dissapointing Users

If you’re like me, you’ve been playing Pokemon GO since it’s release and have really enjoyed it, you’re probably level 10 or higher and have amassed some pretty powerful pokemon in your arsenal.  You probably also liked to track Pokemon that were a certain distance away from you or even liked to save battery by holding your screen down during your search (on iOS) — well guess what?  Niantic, the creator of our beloved game, just gave us a big fat middle finger with an update that removed those features!
Niantic has noted that there are more things that they have not yet added to the game that are coming.  Some things the community wants are:
  • Versus battles
  • Trading Pokemon
The question is why is the game creator shutting off features from the game that helped to make it so loved?  Meanwhile, they are still not providing the features that many users thought would be included in the game to begin with.  With things like this happening one can only wonder how long will this game maintain the traction that it currently has; although, it is important to the note that only a select group of users are vocalizing their pains.
Bottom line: Niantic, get it together!

Pokemon GO — A Rant

Pokemon GO is a great game, a truly astonishing experience with something cool around every corner; however, some columnists are upset that the technology world is raving and loving this game.
There is finally a game that inspires people to get up, move around and meet people in real life.  If you’re upset about that, then we have some problems to address here.  One writer on The Washington Post  obviously hates the game; however, as most people that do not like it — this piece falls into the category of hating it just to hate it, only because it is the latest craze.  Asinine.
The video below shows gamers playing in NYC Central Park and people are literally running at the sight to get an opportunity to catch a Pokemon that has just appeared — RUNNING.  With obesity hitting it’s peaks in the US and other countries this is something that we need right now, not people belittling the game.
A few notes of caution:
  • Watch where you are going.
  • Be mindful of where you are at all times.
  • Respect those around you who may not be playing the game.
Bottom Line:  The makers of Pokemon GO have a hit on their hands and whether you like it or not you should be happy that this game has people out and about exploring their local areas rather than wasting away gaining unwanted pounds in front of the Xbox.