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Stop Dunking iPhones

The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are IP 67 water resistant; however, this does NOT mean they are waterproof. There is a difference here.  What does this mean? Your precious new iPhone can still get water damage if you’re “testing” it’s resistance to water.
iPhone under running water.
What is ok?  Splashes, rain, accidental spills into a shallow depth of water and getting it out quickly.  What isn’t ok?  Submerging your device for 30 minutes to an hour in an attempt to show how resistant to water it is.  These are $700 and above prices devices, treat them as investments, especially when the new devices are hard to come by in these early weeks after the release.
Bottom line:  The iPhone’s IP 67 rating is there to protect the device and your investment, water damage can still occur on the device and can be detected by Apple, so be careful and don’t put your shiny new device in harms way because you want to “test” it’s resistance.

Forget your carrier; get Sidecar

Voice over IP is evolving with an excellent gem of an app called Sidecar, which is available for Android and iOS devices.
Call quality as you might expect is not better than that of you carrier by any means. On the other hand, it is very good for a Wi-Fi connection; in fact there is an option to increase the quality of the audio, which will use more data. Reviews for the application for Android have came together to form a solid 3.7, which says that although the app is good there is room for improvement.


Aside from calling, users can share video, short messages, and more.

Bottom line: This app is a must have and it really shows the future that is in the palm of technology’s hand. Sidecar will only get better; be that early adopter.