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Netflix as a Network

I predicted this years ago….. literally…..years ago. Although, Netflix had It’s humble beginnings as serving up content of popular movie studios and networks, giving us movies and TV shows that we love. Now it’s hard to scroll through the options without seeing the words “Netflix Original” — this isn’t a bad thing, just something that we should’ve seen coming.
With humble beginnings in 1997 (go ahead and admit that you didn’t know it has been around that long), Netflix has grown into a behemoth that’s almost single-handedly flipped the movie industry on it’s side (that along with piracy). Additionally, with a CEO like Reed Hastings, who knew that the video format DVD was headed to the grave, positioned Netflix to take down Blockbuster all while pushing the industry further.

Netflix interface highlighting the first original series on the service, “House of Cards”

So, in 2013, Netflix debuted it’s first original series, “House of Cards”, which essentially tested the waters — big hit. Now, with the combination of originals and other excellent titles available from other providers — how many times do you hear the word movie or show without Netflix in the sentence?


This is how Netflix has became THE network that we turn to for video content. Job well done, Netflix — job well done.