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Netflix as a Network

I predicted this years ago….. literally…..years ago. Although, Netflix had It’s humble beginnings as serving up content of popular movie studios and networks, giving us movies and TV shows that we love. Now it’s hard to scroll through the options without seeing the words “Netflix Original” — this isn’t a bad thing, just something that we should’ve seen coming.
With humble beginnings in 1997 (go ahead and admit that you didn’t know it has been around that long), Netflix has grown into a behemoth that’s almost single-handedly flipped the movie industry on it’s side (that along with piracy). Additionally, with a CEO like Reed Hastings, who knew that the video format DVD was headed to the grave, positioned Netflix to take down Blockbuster all while pushing the industry further.

Netflix interface highlighting the first original series on the service, “House of Cards”

So, in 2013, Netflix debuted it’s first original series, “House of Cards”, which essentially tested the waters — big hit. Now, with the combination of originals and other excellent titles available from other providers — how many times do you hear the word movie or show without Netflix in the sentence?


This is how Netflix has became THE network that we turn to for video content. Job well done, Netflix — job well done.

YouTube Red, What you need to know..

YouTube Red.  YouTube’s answer to  premium video content — yes, we we’ve seen it coming.

So, what is it?  And do you need it?

YouTube Red is YouTube’s ad-free version of the service that will also allow you to save videos for viewing offline later and allow for background play.  The Red subscription is $9.99, which will include subscriptions to Google Play Music All-Access and extends to YouTube Gaming and YouTube Music.

In addition, in the future you may expect to see some exclusive content from popular creators appearing in Red.

Bottom line:  I don’t think that YouTube Red will be revolutionary or game changing — nor does anyone necessarily need it; however, we will see how much premium content will actually land here as content should be worth the premium that users will be paying.

Hear more of my opinion on YouTube Red on Session #3 of Whaddup Tech, here.

Is cutting the cord for you?

6 years ago, while I was still in college, I officially said goodbye to cable and I’ve never let it rear it’s ugly head again in my household. Why? There are far too many options available on the internet that provide the same level of enjoyment.

When you think of TV, you think of something that requires you to sit down at a certain time at a certain interval everyday or every certain scheduled amount of days for you consume some type of event or television show. However, when you think of entertainment in relation to the internet you can get these things whenever and wherever you please so it’s much more of a come as you and grab what you want type of experience.  This is the absolute greatest for me because I refuse to build my schedule around what comes on a black box in my living room, it’s ludicrous. Yet, why do we see so many people that conform to the norm of having a cable subscription with more channels than they will ever watch?

Cutting the cord is easy if you have a plan.
Cutting the cord is easy if you have a plan.

It’s easy.

For some, cutting the cord is simply too difficult.  However, nothing is too difficult in a day and age where a quick Google search can tell you everything from Obama’s age to how far Jupiter is away from the planet that we dwell on.  So being “too difficult” IS NOT a valid excuse.

Options for accessing media:

  • YouTube
  • HuluPlus
  • Netflix
  • Plex

The above list are just a few avenues that you can take to begin cutting the cord.  It is feasible and certainly the way of the future.

Take control of your experience, don’t be the person that creates their lives based on what TV has to offer!

Cutting Cable? 1 Million did in 2011

Are you considering cutting cable?  If so, there are plenty of resources to make the process as painless as possible; I did it and do just fine.  With options like Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant, YouTube and more cutting the expensive cord and gaining a little more control of how you watch television can be a simple process.  Cable prices are on the rise, along with everything else in this country.  So, why continue to pay for premium channels when 9 times out of 10 your favorite programming is either getting interrupted by commercials or you are being forced to watch a certain program at an odd hour?

Using these media streaming services gives you complete control of your entertainment.  Honestly, that is the way that it should be, especially if you are paying for it.  For example, if you miss House at the regular scheduled time on Fox, so what?  Turn on your media connected tv to HuluPlus one day later and watch it at your convenience.  That is the power that an internet connected tv could give you.  On the other hand, if your HD tv does not come with any services built in try a set top box such as Roku, Boxee, or even the AppleTV (limited, but works well if you have an Apple-centric household) .  These set top boxes can connect you to the following:

  • Netflix (Roku, Boxee, AppleTV)
  • HuluPlus (Roku)
  • Amazon Instant (Roku)
  • YouTube (Roku, Boxee, AppleTV)
  • Pandora and more

The prices of these devices and based upon what suits your needs you could pay as little as $59.99 for the Roku, which is the best bang for your buck.

Bottom line:  When it comes to media content; you’ve got options.  Do not feel the need to stay tied down to your cable company.