LG Nexus 4; Sold Out

One hour.  One hour is how long it took for Google’s latest Nexus flagship have it’s stock reduced to zero (both 8GB and 16GB versions). That is pretty impressive. If you tried to purchase the device there was error after error to be encountered. Some users even experienced Chrome crashing due to the Play Store being so overloaded. Though frustrating, those that showed perseverance have their orders now confirmed and they should have this beast of a smartphone sitting at their doorsteps in a matter of days to a week. Bottom line: Congratulations to the lucky few. Great job Google … Continue reading LG Nexus 4; Sold Out

Google Play; Major hit or Major fail?

Following the trend of it’s online offerings, Google has officially combined all of it’s mobile services into one; Google Play.  The new hub provides apps, music, movies, games, and eBooks to users in one centralized location.  However, this change does not come without the usual criticisms.  The latest blog postings are showing that users are confused by the name change to Google Play, stating that it is weird and doesn’t make much sense. On the other hand, I can see why Google wants everything unified under one roof; Google Play just happens to be a name that it will take … Continue reading Google Play; Major hit or Major fail?