LG Nexus 4; Sold Out

One hour.  One hour is how long it took for Google’s latest Nexus flagship have it’s stock reduced to zero (both 8GB and 16GB versions). That is pretty impressive. If you tried to purchase the device there was error after error to be encountered. Some users even experienced Chrome crashing due to the Play Store being so overloaded. Though frustrating, those that showed perseverance have their orders now confirmed and they should have this beast of a smartphone sitting at their doorsteps in a matter of days to a week. Bottom line: Congratulations to the lucky few. Great job Google … Continue reading LG Nexus 4; Sold Out

Impending Android Announcement

With Google’s latest Android announcement around the corner; Android fans, myself included, are on the edge of their seats.  There are many predictions to be had regarding what Google will show us on Monday, October 29th. However, one thing is almost for certain:  We will see a new Nexus device.  What exactly does Nexus mean you ask?  Pure unaltered Android without lousy carrier or manufacturer modifications.  That means no extraneous bloatware can spoil yet another glorious Android device.  In addition, it is rumored that there will be a slew of new Nexus devices from many manufacturers just waiting to grace your pockets … Continue reading Impending Android Announcement