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Where is my Nexus 7?

The Google Nexus 7 has been the biggest tablet release of the year.  This product sports Android 4.1 JellyBean, a quad core processor, 12 graphics cores, scratch resistant glass all for $250 or less.  So, there is no wonder why all of those who pre-ordered cannot take the wait any longer.

The aspect of the pre-order that seems to anger those who participated are that eager buyers went directly into Sam’s Club and came out with a device the same day.  I actually ordered my device on the day it was announced during Google I/O (along with millions more) and yet I am still patiently waiting the arrival of my Nexus 7.

Bottom line:  Some are mad — however, there is nothing that we can do except wait for our beautiful game-changing 7 inch tablets to arrive at our doorstep.  In addition, calling the Play Store 1(855)836-3987 will lead you to a message informing that pre-orders are indeed shipping.  Realize that once you have this device in your hands, all of the turmoil will instantly leave.