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Just skip the Galaxy Note 7

The Note 7, such a wonderfully crafted device by Samsung, would be on my instant  recommend list for my productivity needing friends, whom also needed a large screen device;however, since these so-called replacement devices are also STILL duds and catching fire — I can no longer recommend this device and maintain any dignity for myself.

Photo of a damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

These “replacements” are the phones that customers thought would be safe and finally free them from this horrible storyline of “Samsung phones catching fire”. Well, unfortunately the story is not yet over because this problem is still not resolved. For a company of this magnitude, this is unacceptable and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The question here is what went wrong this second time around? Should other Samsung customers be worried? This company has been making great devices for years and this simply brings all of that into question.

Bottom line: This ship has sailed. DO NOT BUY THE GALAXY NOTE 7.