Galaxy Mega…. Too big or too right?

A 6.3″ screen attached to a device that is actually a phone.  Is this something that you’d use? I have big hands and an affinity for devices and honestly this seems like the perfect device for someone like me.  Personally, I own a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7 — if I owned this device I could seemingly par my load down to just one without carrying a phone and tablet everywhere I go. On a another note, what really makes this a good device? I’d say it is a combination of it’s form factor, specs and functionality. No device … Continue reading Galaxy Mega…. Too big or too right?

Ready for the Galaxy S IV?

With the latest iteration of the Galaxy line slated to be introduced the mobile technology world is clamouring with rumors left and right. The Samsung Galaxy S III is and was certainly a great device.  One that brought about innovation and a lot more eyes onto the Android platform and you should expect the next iteration to do the same thing. Samsung, although they stray from stock Android, they usually do so and bring about applications and tweaks that bring the best out of Android.  For example, the apps that are included with the Galaxy Note truly make it a … Continue reading Ready for the Galaxy S IV?