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Dell Venue 8 Pro, the Windows tablet we’ve been waiting for?

Could this be the start of game-changing, fully functional Windows 8 tablets?  This product by Dell certainly turns heads.  Let’s start with the price, this tablet starts out at $229 (Amazon; seen here) for the 32GB version — absolute steal.  Next, take a look at the specs, although they are not amazing, remember this is a fully functional Windows 8.1 Pro machine — meaning you can get real work done.  This tablet can run MS Office, Photoshop, video editing suites and more.  Reviewers are simply raving about this device and to be honest the rave reviews are well-deserved.

Dell has nailed price, performance and gave consumers a full versions of Windows on an 8″ slab — way to go.

Please see a detailed review from [Windows RT Review] below:

Bottom line:  If you are looking for an affordable Windows 8 tablet or an affordable tablet in general — this is an excellent choice and the fact that it runs the full verison of Windows 8.1 is a great selling point.