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Apple’s New tablet — iPad 2017

Let’s talk about the new iPad from Apple. 
So what we’ve got here is a case of a new tablet brought to us by Apple that is not an iPad Pro but at the same time it does have a lot of unique qualities. For example, this tablet’s best and most forefront quality is it’s price, starting at $329. This tablet is in the perfect position to take on the education market and be a perfect entry-level tablet for consumers of media and internet services.

Source: Gizmag

Next, let’s talk about look. It’s earily similar to ghosts of iPad past; however, this time around — it’s thicker, packing a larger battery and a non-laminated display. Will this make a difference you ask? To most users no and at this price point; you probably shouldn’t be that picky anyway. This tablet is designed as a perfect “gateway drug” to tablet computing and it’s bound to get many first time buyers hooked.

Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio

True power, form and function — Microsoft has been giving us all three since the advent of the very first Microsoft Surface.  Sometimes misunderstood by some, but the value of this category is truly unmatched and unrivaled in many ways.  Yes, friends, our buddies in Redmond have not forgotten about the Pro market.
Desktop, redefined.
(Source: Surface, YouTube)

This product is truly a creative professional’s dream (if you’re a creative and this doesn’t make you tingle… please, rewatch the video).  This is not a product defined by apps, cute emojis or messaging effects, this product is defined by the amount of work you can get done, the different amount of tasks that can be completed and more.  The Surface Studio features a 28 inch PixelDense display that allows for user input right on the screen.  In addition, the Surface Pen staple is standard here with an all new Surface Dial that can be used in many actions across the OS — from changing songs, manipulating color palettes or diving layer by layer into an image using Microsoft Paint 3D.  Note that the Surface Dial will be included with the Surface Studio for a limited time, then will have to be bought separated at $99.  The display on the Surface Studio is entirely unique and will fold down to 20 degrees to allow for input by the user.  One could see this being used by designers, architects and more.
Microsoft Surface Studio declined to 20 degrees.
Microsoft Surface Studio declined to 20 degrees.

Bottom line:  The Microsoft Surface Studio is a big deal.  In a time where many of us in the tech community believe the only companies can innovate are Apple and Google, Microsoft continues to show us that although they’ve been late to the game, the products they are delivering are top notch, work well together and are helping to drive and shape the industry.  One thing that must be noted is that professionals have not been forgotten — way to go, Microsoft.

Dell Venue 8 Pro, the Windows tablet we’ve been waiting for?

Could this be the start of game-changing, fully functional Windows 8 tablets?  This product by Dell certainly turns heads.  Let’s start with the price, this tablet starts out at $229 (Amazon; seen here) for the 32GB version — absolute steal.  Next, take a look at the specs, although they are not amazing, remember this is a fully functional Windows 8.1 Pro machine — meaning you can get real work done.  This tablet can run MS Office, Photoshop, video editing suites and more.  Reviewers are simply raving about this device and to be honest the rave reviews are well-deserved.

Dell has nailed price, performance and gave consumers a full versions of Windows on an 8″ slab — way to go.

Please see a detailed review from [Windows RT Review] below:

Bottom line:  If you are looking for an affordable Windows 8 tablet or an affordable tablet in general — this is an excellent choice and the fact that it runs the full verison of Windows 8.1 is a great selling point.

Galaxy Tab 2 — 7.0

When you think of low-priced Android powered tablets one thought comes to mind as an immediate success: Amazon Kindle Fire.  Now, Samsung is on board and they have created a 7 inch version of the Galaxy Tab that will go on sale for $249.  However, with this low price point will users pay in the end for a device that will become quickly outdated?  See specs below:

  • 7″ capacitive touchscreen
  • Dual-core 1 GHz processor
  • Android 4.0
  • 8 GB on-board storage

Hopefully this device will cause a stir in the low-end tablet market, the Kindle Fire is an excellent alternative to the iPad but Amazon has almost over-processed their custom version of Android.  Samsung has kept the important features of Android 4.0 present by not over-skinning and this may be a key selling point.

Bottom line:  Android tablets are getting better and with specs at this price point; who can resist?  Although the processor is just 1 GHz except Ice-Cream Sandwich to run smoothly.