HP Touchpads….with Android

Android….this operating system seems to be able to thrive on any piece of hardware.  In my opinion, this is what makes this Google operating system great.  We have seen Android dual-boot on the iPhone and now we are seeing it ported to the HP Touchpad.  With the future of WebOS in the air users are unsure what the future may hold for the devices; however, the future for Android is forever evolving and growing.

After the announcement of HP’s device going on sale for $99 these tablets were selling like they’ve never sold before; like hotcakes.  So, despite whether you think WebOS will forever be dead or another company might pick it up, like HTC, having Android around surely doesn’t hurt.

Bottom line: The HP Touchpad IS dead; however, the future of WebOS is still up in the air.  If you have a chance to get one of these low priced tablets take advantage and use Android until WebOS resurfaces with another manufacturer.