Windows 8…Looking Good

Our friends in Redmond have done it again.  Although this is the first hands on release that the public has seen of Windows 8; I must say, it looks spectacular.  Not only is the operating system suited to run on a tablet PC, the desktop interface is almost identical to Windows 7.  So, the switch from one operating system will not be as painful as I once envisioned.  However, the Metro-UI that is on top of the operating system should add functionality in terms of seeing various settings at a glance.  Yet, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about the power desktop user, which is what I have seen from Apple and what I was afraid of.  However, if it seems that they do forget, I will be sticking with Windows 7.

Bottom line: As long as Microsoft doesn’t start to think that the PC is dead and to keep evolving this operating system that they are working on, this release should be as great as Windows 7 is to so many users.