Facebook….too cluttered?

Is the world’s largest social network becoming too cluttered with useless junk?  On the other hand, are all of the updates that Zuckerburg push out worth it?

Bottom line: No.

Facebook surely isn’t all bad. When I first got on the site as a high-school student in 2005, it was simple and to the point.  Now, a user can get a virus if not careful!  I am not here to rant about Facebook, because it does provide you with a wealth of information from and about all of your friends while keeping you connected.  However, there is a such thing as “too much of a good thing.”  Nowadays, there are new features rolled out every month or so.  Surprising?  No.  With so many social networks wreaking havoc on the internet eg. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google + and more you need to stay on top; clearly this company has the desire to do so.  However, there are reasons many products stay the same; because they have found a model that works.

Makes one wonder whether Facebook is as comfortable as we think they are atop of the social networking world.