Kindle Fire causes waves

The new tablet from Amazon is a serious upgrade from the previous Kindles.  There are several aspects of the device that have reviewers buzzing:

  • Price ($199)
  • Silk Web browser (great stock experience)
  • Amazon apps (not the entire market, but specialty apps)
  • Multimedia presence? (this will be a media centric device and with Amazon offering streaming video it could be a good package)

The very first thing I heard about the Kindle Fire was the new Silk Web browser; of course it was automatically compared to Safari on the iPad.  It is great that this device will have a tabbed browser out of the box.  On the other hand, Safari on the iPad isn’t the toughest competitor.  A notable fact about this tablet that one cannot forget to mention that this will not deliver the full Android experience.  Although, it may be a tremendous upgrade from previous models this is no Xoom or Galaxy Tab.

Bottom line:  This will definitely be the best e-reader the market has to offer, but calling it an iPad killer is just humorous.