Will Windows 8 tablets do well?

Microsoft is really pushing that Windows 8 will truly unite their platform across all devices and really give it a consistent look.  However, the biggest issues are how well will Windows 8 tablets (slates) do and how will the OS fair on the desktop.  Honestly, there shouldn’t be another OS that is better fitted for the enterprise than Windows 8.  Sure there is a learning curve; but that SAME learning curve is there when one would hand an executive an iPad.

Things that could really work in Microsoft’s favor:

  1. Unified across devices
  2. Able to support many Windows applications; not just 500,000 apps
  3. Windows tablets will provide more accessibility via USB input etc.
  4. Multiple arenas for running applications (Metro or Windows desktop)

Bottom line:  If Windows 8 turns out to be truly portable and is not overly expensive on a tablet this could potentially be a shifting in the tides.