Galaxy Mega…. Too big or too right?

A 6.3″ screen attached to a device that is actually a phone.  Is this something that you’d use?

I have big hands and an affinity for devices and honestly this seems like the perfect device for someone like me.  Personally, I own a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7 — if I owned this device I could seemingly par my load down to just one without carrying a phone and tablet everywhere I go.

On a another note, what really makes this a good device? I’d say it is a combination of it’s form factor, specs and functionality. No device is completely useless — hence why there are so many different sizes, prices and storage capacities of smart phones.  The only cause for alarm with this device is the fact that it has mid-range specs; it is apparent that Samsung is not pushing this as an all-star device — although it has the potential to be.

Bottom line:  This device is an excellent device for someone who is looking for sheer screen size; however, for the enthusiast who wants the fastest mobile processor and the most RAM — look elsewhere.  That being said, my excitement is still high for this device.