Apple’s New tablet — iPad 2017

Let’s talk about the new iPad from Apple. 
So what we’ve got here is a case of a new tablet brought to us by Apple that is not an iPad Pro but at the same time it does have a lot of unique qualities. For example, this tablet’s best and most forefront quality is it’s price, starting at $329. This tablet is in the perfect position to take on the education market and be a perfect entry-level tablet for consumers of media and internet services.

Source: Gizmag

Next, let’s talk about look. It’s earily similar to ghosts of iPad past; however, this time around — it’s thicker, packing a larger battery and a non-laminated display. Will this make a difference you ask? To most users no and at this price point; you probably shouldn’t be that picky anyway. This tablet is designed as a perfect “gateway drug” to tablet computing and it’s bound to get many first time buyers hooked.