Protect Your Investment

We are walking around with $800 super computers in our pockets…. sort of.  It’s 2017 and we all have smartphones that consume our lives and make them easier at the same time; however, some users wear a cracked screen like a badge of honor — I see it as simply not caring.

Most users, who do not use cases, tend to marvel at the industrial design of their devices (cue Apple fans — I’m one myself); however, there are numerous cases which compliment the design of the phone, such as ones that are made by the OEM itself.  Apple cases are just as beautiful as the iPhone that it produces because it is designed to give you protection, extra grip and still look great — with all of these options out there ranging from ultra cheap to expensive it’s something out there for everyone.


 Note there are a few things that one should look for when purchasing a great case:

  1. Fit. Fit of the case should be tight so that the phone would not become easily dislodged if a drop occurred.
  2. Finish. The case itself should be of good quality from a reputable brand such as Apple, Spigen, Caseology or others.
  3. Clickability. Yup, just made that word up, but clickability comes down to the user being able to press (or click) a power or volume button with acceptable feedback, the button should never feel like mush or soft.

Protect your device.  A $10 case could end up being the difference of a functional device versus a device that must be sent off to the manufacturer or one that can put tiny shards of glass into your fingertips or face.