Verizon could owe Apple

What happens when you don’t sell as many iPhones as Apple would like for you to?  You could owe the Cupertino company some money!  Or at least that is true when it comes to the top wireless carrier in the United States.  I understand that contracts exist between entities of all types from car manufacturers and car lots from PC manufacturers and retailers — they are unavoidable.  Apparently, Verizon “agreed a deal to sell at least US$23.5 billion worth of iPhones in 2013” [Source: ]. Is it particularly Verizon’s fault that it did not sell as many devices as it would … Continue reading Verizon could owe Apple

Google Infringed on Oracle?

These past few months have riddled the technological world with court case after court case.  The strange thing is that Google seems to be in the middle of almost every lawsuit.  Why?  Here is the breakdown —  Android is an open-source operating system built for smartphones.  Not only has the Android platform appealed to many users it has appealed to so many that they are shaking up things in the smartphone market and it is making manufacturers and developers upset.  So, what do you do when another company innovates faster and more than you? Innovate and try to become better?  … Continue reading Google Infringed on Oracle?