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Protect Your Investment

We are walking around with $800 super computers in our pockets…. sort of.  It’s 2017 and we all have smartphones that consume our lives and make them easier at the same time; however, some users wear a cracked screen like a badge of honor — I see it as simply not caring.

Most users, who do not use cases, tend to marvel at the industrial design of their devices (cue Apple fans — I’m one myself); however, there are numerous cases which compliment the design of the phone, such as ones that are made by the OEM itself.  Apple cases are just as beautiful as the iPhone that it produces because it is designed to give you protection, extra grip and still look great — with all of these options out there ranging from ultra cheap to expensive it’s something out there for everyone.


 Note there are a few things that one should look for when purchasing a great case:

  1. Fit. Fit of the case should be tight so that the phone would not become easily dislodged if a drop occurred.
  2. Finish. The case itself should be of good quality from a reputable brand such as Apple, Spigen, Caseology or others.
  3. Clickability. Yup, just made that word up, but clickability comes down to the user being able to press (or click) a power or volume button with acceptable feedback, the button should never feel like mush or soft.

Protect your device.  A $10 case could end up being the difference of a functional device versus a device that must be sent off to the manufacturer or one that can put tiny shards of glass into your fingertips or face.

#ChargeGate is NOT a thing

Let’s talk about what is sweeping Twitter and YouTube — ChargeGate — yes, another “gate” for us to become consumed with.  The issue here is that people are upset at the charging speed of the iPhone — but the charging speed has not changed (as in, yes, it’s slow we all know that).  Some YouTubers have noted that the larger charging brick included with the iPads will charge the device faster — of course it will if it’s spitting out a higher voltage.  (No links to videos or articles describing this will be linked, as it is a subject that those reporting it are truly reaching.)
Some key facts here are unavoidable:
  • Larger charger will charge the iPhone quicker
  • iPhones typically have good battery life that usually don’t require “topping off”
This view may sound terrible to some, but if you need to charge your phone multiple times per day, you may simply be using it too much.  However, we have those that are true power users that need longevity in their battery — which you can get from the iPhone 6S Plus and 7 Plus devices.

Huawei Honor 8 Hands-on

A wonderful glass back and a crispy 5.2″ screen.  Can we ask for more?  Yes, but this phone just feels right.
Enter Huawei Honor 8.
Huawei Honor 8.

Huawei Honor 8.

While I was unable to put this phone through it’s paces, from what I can tell, the software experience isn’t bad.  Although this is a skinned version of Android the UI still feels snappy and most applications load swiftly after pressing on the icon.  Huawei does not feature the app drawer that is common to Android, instead, it places all icons and widgets on the homescreens that are offered.  This device could be a could entry into the ecosystem of iPhone users that are accustomed to this type of setup.  In addition, while the software features are light, Huawei seems to have executed these additions tastefully as with it’s take on the notification pane.
Key specs:
  • 5.2″ screen
  • 1080p resolution
  • 1.8 GHz octa-core processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 32 GB internal storage
  • 12 MP rear & 8 MP front cameras
Huawei Honor 8 notification pane.

Huawei Honor 8 notification pane.

 The camera, which is becoming more and more the most important feature of a smartphone, captures great shots and the front facing camera features a beauty mode that seemingly transforms the subject.  As with most manufacturer cameras, this was is not shy with throwing features in your face, which is this case are presented well to the user.
The budget sector of Android smartphones is quite competitive and this phone surely competes with the One Plus 3 and others.