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Facebook buys Instagram for $1Billion

Yes, it is official.  Facebook will be acquiring Instagram for $1 billion and this is causing quite the alarm for technologists.  Facebook has been under fire for seemingly forever regarding it’s privacy issues and how they actually use the data that we give them.  Now, this raises the question:  “Will Facebook buying Instagram have a negative effect on the users of the Instagram service?  Will their privacy be in question?  How will Facebook use the data and pictures that are posted via this service?

Facebook has responded by saying that they will leave Instagram as it is and since this acquisition has been announced it has remained true to its promise.  On the other hand, due to the privacy issues that Facebook has, that Instagram may inherit, many users have started to deactivate their Instagram accounts.  However, one can only imagine how long it will be before Instagram takes over as the default method for sharing pictures via Facebook.

Bottom line:  Facebook has not defiled Instagram yet.  So let’s wait around see what actually happens.

Death of Print Media

It is 2012 and for some reason people still insist on killing trees.  How is it possible for a media centric society that believes that everything should be at their fingertips continue to use paper?

Print items that are slowly fading away:

  • Encyclopedias
  • Traditional Office Forms
  • Applications
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines

As a society, we need to accept that paper has lost the prominence it once had; besides there are so many issues surrounding paper:

  • Loss of integrity (getting ripped, soiled, etc.)
  • Not secure (anyone can sign a document for someone — electronic links can be embedded with users email addresses to ensure credibility)
  • Costly
  • Takes up valuable space

Bottom line:  Paper is going the way of the dodo bird; fact.  Now, let’s move on.

No HTTPS in Iran?

The internet used to be a fun place; you would go online share information, buy gadgets, and go on with life.  Now, it seems that almost every government wants to shutdown anything that is free and widely available.  There are  talks that this country would even want to create their own intranet for the public to use.  Reasons behind this could be because information transmitted with https is secure and it seems that governments do want want anything to be sent or received that they cannot view.

There are several sites and applications that this can cause disruptions with:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Services
  • SSH
  • SSL
  • TLS

Bottom line:  The same thing that Iran is trying to create is similar to what China has in place; regardless of what tries to be done to stifle sharing and virtually eliminate free speech there will always be ways to work the system.  For example, you can always email tweets!

The Facebook IPO; What does it mean?

Facebook files for a $5 billion IPO (initial public offering)….

Mark Zuckerburg set out to create a social network for his college, which quickly expanded to other colleges and eventually encompassed the world.  It seems that almost everyone you see physically within the real-world also has an online identity.  Facebook completely put MySpace to rest; users immediately admired the lightweight interface and ease of use.  Also, with the company consistently updating the site and adding more features using is hacker-esque approach, we should expect nothing but continual growth from this powerhouse.

On the other hand, when a company goes public and acquires money hungry shareholders things can go down very quickly.  Zuckerburg will always maintain a large share of the company; however, now he will not be the only person that will need to be pleased — it will be him along with everyone else who buy in significantly.  So, this brings up an important question.  Will the company continue it’s domination or take a turn for the worse since more opinions will need to be heard?  Time will only tell.  Additionally, even if Facebook did take a plunge it wouldn’t be overnight the company has posted earnings of $777 million in 2009, $1.974 billion in 2010, and $3.711 billion last year.

Bottom line:  Be excited for what Facebook could bring in the future; just be aware that it can become very different because of new shareholders.

War against the web! Censoring Twitter?

Freedom of speech, our governments may not give us a lot; however, this is one thing that must be upheld.  Twitter, the microblogging network, will begin censoring content automatically.  The last time I checked, a blog is not something that gets censored; it should be raw, unbiased content coming from the publisher.

So why does it seem like no one wants to play nice with social media?

Primarily, the extent to which your incoming and outgoing Twitter streams will be censored will depend solely upon the country that you are in and the laws that rule it.  For example, the client may not allow a tweet with copyrighted material to go public, certain persons may not be able to speak on a certain subject, and more.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Music and movie downloads
  • Court injunctions regarding what you can speak on

Bottom line:  Twitter said it best, “The tweets must continue to flow” (From Article Twitter begins censoring content: How this will affect you)They will flow; however, they may never see the public eye.