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Apple Cuts Orders for iPhone 5 Parts

Apple is losing grip. In addition, to the stock price of the company going down, orders for iPhone LCD screens and other parts are also down. So, with Apple potentially producing less iPhones to sell that means that other manufacturers could be able to capture more marketshare. Who could step up to the plate?

For starters, Samsung has already proven itself as a worthy adversary as the now leading smartphone maker in threw world. Why? Samsung is truly innovate, Apple took a winning recipe and tried to copy and paste it too much. At this point, the iPhone is looking old and tired in a market that is full of phones that differentiate themselves from the competition. Samsung has released potentially the best smartphone of 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S III, packing unbelievable specs, a fantastic display and running the finest mobile operating system, Android. In addition, let us not forget about the phone that made it OK to carry a huge device in your pocket, the Samsung Galaxy Note.


Other manufacturers are releasing compelling devices by the droves making Apple iPhone look simpler by the day.

Bottom line: The market wants innovate products that have not looked the same since 2007 — Apple’s tried and true is apparently telling a fib.

Cutting Cable? 1 Million did in 2011

Are you considering cutting cable?  If so, there are plenty of resources to make the process as painless as possible; I did it and do just fine.  With options like Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant, YouTube and more cutting the expensive cord and gaining a little more control of how you watch television can be a simple process.  Cable prices are on the rise, along with everything else in this country.  So, why continue to pay for premium channels when 9 times out of 10 your favorite programming is either getting interrupted by commercials or you are being forced to watch a certain program at an odd hour?

Using these media streaming services gives you complete control of your entertainment.  Honestly, that is the way that it should be, especially if you are paying for it.  For example, if you miss House at the regular scheduled time on Fox, so what?  Turn on your media connected tv to HuluPlus one day later and watch it at your convenience.  That is the power that an internet connected tv could give you.  On the other hand, if your HD tv does not come with any services built in try a set top box such as Roku, Boxee, or even the AppleTV (limited, but works well if you have an Apple-centric household) .  These set top boxes can connect you to the following:

  • Netflix (Roku, Boxee, AppleTV)
  • HuluPlus (Roku)
  • Amazon Instant (Roku)
  • YouTube (Roku, Boxee, AppleTV)
  • Pandora and more

The prices of these devices and based upon what suits your needs you could pay as little as $59.99 for the Roku, which is the best bang for your buck.

Bottom line:  When it comes to media content; you’ve got options.  Do not feel the need to stay tied down to your cable company.