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Will Windows 8 tablets do well?

Microsoft is really pushing that Windows 8 will truly unite their platform across all devices and really give it a consistent look.  However, the biggest issues are how well will Windows 8 tablets (slates) do and how will the OS fair on the desktop.  Honestly, there shouldn’t be another OS that is better fitted for the enterprise than Windows 8.  Sure there is a learning curve; but that SAME learning curve is there when one would hand an executive an iPad.

Things that could really work in Microsoft’s favor:

  1. Unified across devices
  2. Able to support many Windows applications; not just 500,000 apps
  3. Windows tablets will provide more accessibility via USB input etc.
  4. Multiple arenas for running applications (Metro or Windows desktop)

Bottom line:  If Windows 8 turns out to be truly portable and is not overly expensive on a tablet this could potentially be a shifting in the tides.

OnLive is NOT Right; Proves tablets are NOT laptop-killers

Microsoft has finally decided to put it’s corporate foot down with OnLive.  This app gives iPad and Android tablets the ability to access a virtual Windows 7 desktop that has access to the Microsoft Office suite and a fully functional browser.  The Redmond company has expressed that this service is NOT properly licensed and it would be unfair to let OnLive continue down this path when there are other companies who virtualize Windows but actually pay for the copies.

This is certainly the right approach that Microsoft is taking and many might wonder what took them so long.  Many Microsoft fans are definitely opposed to this because Apple would cringe if OSX was ever to run virtually on any device without an aluminum case.

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Bottom line:  OnLive, putting a virtual Windows operating system on tablets is a great idea; however, if you want to do so pay licensing fees like everyone else.  On the other hand, if these tablets are so powerful and potential “laptop-killers” shouldn’t they be able to provide the appropriate functionality out of the box?

Windows 8; Must have or Must pass?

Redmond is hard at work to make the latest iteration of it’s world changing operating system, Windows 8, spectacular.  However, IS it great and will it be well received by this ever-changing market?

Many techies (myself included) are thinking that Windows 8 will be what Windows Vista was to the world, sub-par.  The changes that Microsoft are releasing are so drastic and so new that it seems very unlikely that this operating system will garner a lot of support up front.  Now, Windows 8 software along with new hardware released that has the new operating system installed from the manufacturer could potentially be a big hit; yet, the signs say otherwise. Why?

  • This iteration may not have a Start button (removed in the latest build)
  • Will Windows 8 be good for business?  Although businesses aren’t the only ones who use the operating system; they are the only buyers who want it in bulk and provide for major profits if provided with a stable release because they will continue to buy from Microsoft.
  • Metro on the desktop?  It is not meant for desktop users; stay on mobile devices.

Although the interface of Windows will be changed to Metro UI on top of the traditional desktop that we are used to; there will always be a need for a desktop machine.  There are simply too many instances where a smartphone or a tablet just aren’t enough.

Bottom line:  I am not counting Windows 8 completely out.  In fact, I want to see this version of the OS succeed more than ever.  However, until I am swayed to make the switch, I will continue to run Windows 7.  Microsoft cannot forget what made it popular; the desktop.  Windows does not need to become limited; especially in regards to how the latest Macs are.